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In 1992, when Camilo was 12 years old, Alberto decided to encourage him to race regional and national Karting championships. Throughout the years Camilo won several championships obtaining sponsorship, which allowed him to continue competing and winning international championships and expanding his skills to open wheel and touring cars racing.

Shortly after his success, Camilo was acknowledged with the "Young Driver Revelation" distinction, helping him to find other sponsors and people who believed in his talent. He continued demonstrating that he could have a successful career as a professional race car driver.

It was always clear to Camilo that in order to become a successful race car diver he had to understand all the mechanical aspects of karts and racing cars. So in the year 2000, with his father Alberto approval, he decided to enrol in the Jim Russell Racing School (California, USA). There he finished the Mechanics Training Program (MTP) and raced in the Jim Russell Championship series. He achieved great results and completed his studies with excellence.

During the years finding sponsorship to continue with his racing career became ever more difficult. So, Camilo decided to go to Europe, been part of the German Formula 3 with the CCT (Competition Car Technology) from Alexander Buerger.

Then after going to work in high level racing, thanks Fulvio Maria Ballabio helped him get connected with the industries main players, in turn he was offered a job at Team Coloni (Passignano Sul Trasimeno, Italy). He worked for Coloni for two years, after he decided to move to team Trident Racing (Novara, Italy). In 2010 Camilo was part of Mr. André Herck's GP2 Team, DPR.

Since then Camilo has built a name for himself within the paddock in Europe. Drivers, engineers and team owners have heard about his great skills for racing and for getting the cars to the pole position.

Camilo has a passion for racing. He continues to race as much as he can whenever he has the opportunity. The mechanical knowledge he has acquired has helped him fine-tune his racing style. People that believe in his driving abilities and talent have seen him grow as a race car driver becoming more professional and consistent.

Thanks to the opportunity Mr. André Herck gave Camilo of driving a GP2 car at Abu Dhabi, he is finally fulfilling his expectations of his trip to Europe; after six dificults years of hard work in the cars, at the end of 2010, he had the chance to excel also at driving it! Camilo is very thankful about that special and unique opportunity that Mr. André Herck gave him. He is very eager however to have the opportunity to get behind the wheel again hopefully for on a more permanent position and truly take advantage of his exceptional skills as a race car driver.

In 2011 Camilo had the opportunity to get behind the wheel. He test drove in Magione a BMW Superstars race car (CAAL racing team) and also had the opportunity drive it in a regional race. Camilo won the race! Then he raced the 100 Miles of Magione in the same BMW Superstars race car and demonstrated that was able to compete for the victory. Teams noticed Camilo's abilities and the Swiss Team asked him to test drive their Maserati Quattro Porte. Evidently Camilo did the best times and the team was very impressed with his technical knowledge.

This New Year, 2012, brings great things for Camilo. He has a seat for a complete season. Thanks to Camilo's friend Sauro Cozzari, who has always believed in him, this year Camilo will be able to fulfil his dreams. Thank you Sauro.